Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does "TEAM" mean?

In this series, it means both team members  do all legs of the race together. It is not a relay.


Can I bring my own boat?

No. Not all kayaks and canoes are equal. In order to keep the race fair, each participant must use our boats.


Do I bring my own bike?

Yes. We do not have the proper bikes to use for adventure racing.


Do I need a helmet?

Yes. We do not supply them; you need to bring your own. Helmets are required; you will not be allowed to race without one.


Do I need a Personal Floatation Device?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own, or one will be provided by Delaware State Parks.


Do I need to bring anything besides my bike and helmet?

Technically no, all other equipment is supplied (i.e. canoes/kayaks, PFDs paddles, etc.). You may bring your own personal equipment (biking shoes, PFD, water bottle, etc.) if you prefer.


Can I register the same day?

It depends . There are some races that fill to capacity, so it's best to get your registration in early to avoid being turned away or having to pay the late registration fee.There is also no guarantee you will receive a t-shirt.


I only signed up for one race, but had such a blast that I want to do more. Can I still get the discounted rate if I don't sign up for more than three races at once?

Absolutely, if space allows. We will adjust the race fees accordingly.


Can I race in a different category?

Yes. If you race in a different category, your time will be adjusted at the end of the race.


Do I pay the park entrance fee the day of the race?

No and Yes. If you pre-registered for the race, a list of names is given to the hosting park the day before a race for the fee booth attendant. If you are registering the day of the race, you will have to pay the park entrance fee. This is another advantage of registering early.


Does my child, who is under 18, need a separate registration form?



How do I become a sponsor?

By contacting Necia Beck at Delaware State Parks. You can find her at (302) 739-9175 or by email.



Delaware State Parks is not responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of registrations submitted by others on your behalf. If you do not receive a confirmation within 7 days of mailing your registration, please call (302) 739-9175.

Download the Registration Form.