Auburn Heights Preserve

3000 Creek Road, Box 36, Yorklyn, DE 19736
Phone: (302) 239-5687

Completed in 1897, Auburn Heights was built overlooking the Marshall Brothers Paper Mill in Yorklyn, Delaware by Israel and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Marshall. In 1901, the mill began to produce vulcanized fiber products commonly used in suitcases, footlockers, and other products. The mill eventually passed out of Marshall family hands in the mid-1950s.

Inspired by the large steam power plants in the mill, T. Clarence Marshall, the youngest of Israel and Lizzie's children built his first steam car at age 19 by replacing the small internal combustion engine of an Orient Buckboard with a steam power plant.

From 1910 until 1920, Marshall was a dealer for the Stanley Motor Carriage Company. He owned several Stanley steam cars during that time. In 1940, Clarence began collecting steam cars when he bought back a 1913 model 76 Stanley that he had originally sold as a dealer.

Home from duty after World War II, Tom Marshall, Clarence's son began working with his father to expand the collection and added a 1/8-size steam railway on the Auburn Heights property. In the 1970s, Tom opened the collection to the public under the name "The Magic Age of Steam."

Tom Marshall founded the "Steam Team" in 1997 to pass along to interested individuals his knowledge and experience operating and maintaining the steam vehicles. The "Steam Team" has grown into the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve. The non-profit Friends group operates the Marshall Steam Museum on the property as well as the steam cars and railroad.

Tom and Ruth Marshall donated the Auburn Heights property to the State of Delaware in November 2008