Killens Pond Nature Center

Killens Pond State Park

5025 Killens Pond Road, Felton, DE 19943
Phone: (302) 284-4299
Fax: (302) 284-1003

Property History

Killens Pond State Park, established in 1965, was the first state park in Kent County. In addition to its central location, the park’s attractions such as year-round camping, the Killens Pond Water Park, disc golf course and ball fields make Killens Pond a popular travel destination. The centerpiece of the park is the 66-acre millpond, which is perfect for fishing and boating.


The Killens Pond Nature Center was built in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards(outside link). Some of the environmentally-friendly features of the new building are rainwater recovery and reuse, geothermal heating and cooling and on-site wastewater treatment. The open design provides exceptional day-lighting and views. The lower level corridor, with a wall of glass on one side and a wall of stone and masonry on the other, provides substantial natural heat retention.