Friends of Delaware State Parks

Friends groups are independent non-profit organizations of community members dedicated to assisting a particular park. Friends groups help with special events and programs, park maintenance, planning, fundraising, staffing the nature centers and advocating for the park.

There are currently 14 friends groups that actively support Delaware State Parks:

The Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation

Supports Delaware Seashore State Park and the Indian River Life-Saving Station.

The Delaware Zoological Society

Provides funding and staffing for the Brandywine Zoo.

The Fort Miles Historical Association

Committed to the preservation of the Fort Miles Historical Area in Cape Henlopen State Park.

The Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve

Maintains a unique steam car collection and miniature railway at the preserve in Yorklyn, Delaware.

The Friends of Bellevue State Park

Conducts fundraising activities and provides summer camp scholarships in Bellevue State Park.

The Friends of Brandywine Creek State Park

Sponsors clean-up projects and provides environmental education scholarships at Brandywine Creek State Park.

The Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park

Purchased a live Osprey Camera and sponsors the Park Pedalers Program at Cape Henlopen State Park.

The Friends of Holts Landing State Park

Call the Delaware Seashore State Park Office at (302) 227-2800 for contact information.

The Friends of Killens Pond State Park

Help sponsor Children's Nature Programs and the Summer Concert Series at Killens Pond State Park.

The Friends of Lums Pond State Park

Helps with park maintenance and fundraising at Lums Pond State Park.

The Friends of Old Dover

Our newest friends group sponsors the iconic Dover Days each spring and supports the First State Heritage Park at Dover.

The Friends of White Clay Creek State Park

Staffs the Nature Center, monitors bluebird boxes and conducts trail maintenance in White Clay Creek State Park.

The Friends of Wilmington State Parks

Conducts fundraising and provides maintenance for Wilmington State Parks.

The Port Penn Area Historical Society

Helps to attain funding and provides assistance with the Port Penn Interpretive Center.

Trap Pond Partners

Sponsors an annual bike rally and provides scholarships for environmental education at Trap Pond State Park.