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First State Heritage Park Market Fair

First State Heritage Park Market Fair

Entertainments, Diversions and Various Tradespersons You Can See at the Market Fair in 2016

Timothy, the Irish Linen Worker

Timothy the Irish Linen Worker at Market Fair Meet Timothy, the Irish linen worker, an indentured servant of The Widow Tobin, as he weaves a tale of everyday life in the 1700s, when folks of all classes wore clothing made of linen--and Irish linen had the best reputation for quality! Listen to Timothy’s patter as you watch him turn ordinary-looking flax straw into linen fabric using authentic tools of the period.
Timothy will be unavailable during the noon repast from 12-12:30 p.m. (Rain location: The Old State House)

Levram The Great – Colonial Conjurer

Professor Horn's Punch and Judy Show Meet Levram the Great, an 18th Century magician who claims to have traveled the world, where he has performed for heads of state (as well their feet)! His program appeals to all ages. Audience members are encouraged to participate loudly in the show! The show is fast paced enough to grab a 21st Century audience, but maintains historical accuracy. Volunteers are chosen to assist Levram on stage in hilarious routines so have your 21st Century portrait maker (camera) ready!
Performances: 11:30, 12:30 & 2:45 (Rain location: Dover Century Club)

Signora Bella

Signora Bella "Signora Bella, the Great Italian Equilibrist," delights audiences of all ages balancing and juggling on the rola bola, the slackrope, and the large sphere. She juggles knives and flaming torches. With much zest, Signora Bella brings to life the tradition of the travelling performer of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. Her performances encourage audience interaction, creating a unique performance every time - truly a celebration of the ephemeral delight of live performance.
Performances: 10:00, Noon, 1:45 & 3:15 (Rain location: Dover Century Club)

Dr. Balthazar’s Traveling Medicine Show

Lorenzo Dow During this comical interactive performance Dr. Balthasar offers audiences a “magical miracle medicine that cures everything from a common cold to death of two weeks’ standing.” Ailments and afflictions such as consumption, baldness, the "summer complaint," dropsy, drunkenness and extreme nervousness were just a few of the maladies that magical potions hawked by travelling medicine men of the 1700s would supposedly cure.
Performances: 10:45, 1:15 & 2:15 (Rain location: Dover Century Club)

Elizabeth Battell, Keeper of the Golden Fleece Tavern

Greenbank Mill & Philips Farm Return to the 18th century at the site of the Golden Fleece tavern where you’ll meet Elizabeth, the 18th-century mistress of the tavern where Delaware became the First State, portrayed by living history professional Rosemary Staniszewski. Through lively conversation find out what it was like traveling and eating at an 18th-century tavern.

Ed Long - Horner

Ed Long, Horner Ed Long, journeyman and past Guildmaster of the Honourable Company of Horners, demonstrates how to make a powder horn, including the intricate stage of carving. Beautifully finished horns will be offered for sale and have won numerous blue ribbons.

Lady Aimee’s Fine Sewing & Sutlery
Augustijn Herman, Lord of Bohemia Manor

Lady And  Augustijn Herman, Lord of Bohemia Manor Lady Aimee is a sutler, a travelling merchant offering goods for 17th or 18th century re-enactors. Augustijn Herman, a merchant & cartographer, displays his map for ship captains & merchants.

Greenbank Mill * Philips Farm

Greenbank Mill & Philips Farm Visit with demonstrators from Greenbank Mill & Philips Farm. They will bring to market fair several of the two breeds of heritage sheep (Leicester Longwools and Delaine Merinos) raised at their site and will demonstrate historic spinning and weaving techniques. Available for purchase will be yarns that were spun from their heritage flock and dyed with historically-accurate natural dyes. Children will enjoy petting the sheep and learning to card wool.

1st Delaware Regiment

Ageless Artifice This American Revolution living history organization will be encamped on The Green to portray the 1st Delaware Regiment, Delaware Militia, and civilian supporters of the Cause of Liberty. Kids and adults alike can join in military drills they will conduct throughout the day.

Taylor Woodworks and Theorem Painting

Taylor Woodworks and Theorem Painting Fine handcrafted furniture in the 18th-century tradition is displayed along with theorem paintings by Delawareans Noreen, Jeff and Ronnie Taylor.

Katie Cannon’s Craft: The Four Humors

Ageless Artifice Do you know what your constitution is? You’re not feeling phlegmatic are you? People in the 18th century defined health according to a balance of the four humors. Find out what these are, and if you should be eating foods that are hot and dry, or cold and moist, to maintain yourself like a health conscious 18th century person. (Rain location: The Old State House)

Mike Radebach – Blacksmith


Blacksmith Mike Radebach of Frederica has demonstrated the art of blacksmithing in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania since 1988. He has conducted living history programs and school tours at the Delaware Agricultural Museum and various other venues.

Silhouette Artist Brian Miller

Silhouette Artist Brian Miller Market Fair visitors can have their likenesses preserved as hollow-cut silhouettes. Brian Miller portrays an itinerant artist who uses a “camera obscura” to create profiles as they were done during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Woodworker Rick Schuman

Woodworker Rick Schuman Rick Schuman demonstrates traditional woodworking methods including the use of a spring-pole lathe, a shave horse, and vintage hand tools. Rick will be selling his craftwork, including spoons, spatulas, kitchen utensils, rolling pins, stools and an unusual Scandinavian bowl with handle called a“kuksa”.

Dover English Country Dancers

dancers Enjoy one of Delaware’s premier groups of 18th-century dancers and musicians as they perform at The Old State House.

Thistledown Fiber Guild

Fiber Arts Weaver Gladys Shaw demonstrates on her loom and offers wall and table mats and runners, shawls and skirts for sale. Alice Guerrant shows how socks and caps were knit by hand, and Helen Gieske displays quilting techniques.

Plein Air Painters

Plein Air Painter Watch the plein air painters Joyce Lapp and Diane Bauer at work around The Green as they capture the scene.

Life at Sea

Life at Sea What would it have been like to sail on the ships that brought goods up the river to Dover in the 18th century? Learn about the living conditions, food consumption and sailors’ duties. Try your hand at knot tying, rope hauling and scrubbing the deck. Sing along with the sailors’ shanty music. Check out the block & tackle and fish for bottles! (Rain location: The Old State House)

Market Fair Memories

Market Fair Memories Stop by the free photo booth and get your picture taken with fun props from the 1700s to capture a memory that will last a lifetime. All photos will be made available online.

John Shelton, Glassmaker

Glassmaker A recognized expert in early American glassblowing and a purist, John Shelton learned glassblowing as an apprentice. Visit him to learn about the tricks and techniques for making reproduction 17th and 18th century glassware and perhaps purchase some for yourself!

Mrs. R. Black, Itinerant Painter

Mrs. R. Black Have your portrait painted! Artist Linda Chatfield portrays 18th-century itinerant painter “Mrs. R. Black, known for her Portraits of Boston Society, who will take correct likenesses in watercolor and silhouette for a reasonable sum.” Watch Mrs. Black engrave copper plates and perhaps work with her miniature printing press.

Market Fair Minstrels

Minstrels Enjoy the sounds of traditional tunes on fiddle as musicians Rick Hudson and Nate Grower rove about the Market Fair, with the potential for some friendly competition between the two.

Slate Button Making

Button Making Back by popular demand! Try your hand at making a slate button of your very own using primitive skills. Start with a simple shard of slate and by grinding and drilling you will shape that piece into something that can be used to hold your clothes shut.

Children's Activities

18th-century games
  • Learn paper quilling
  • See the heritage sheep
  • Play 18th-century games
  • Be a sailor and learn to tie knots
  • Take part in a military muster

Good Things to Eat

Good Things to Eat MARKET FAIR INN
The Dover Century Club is transformed into the Market Fair Inn from 10:00 – 3:30 to sell hungry visitors pulled pork and smoked chicken sandwiches, beef hot dogs, fall sweet treats, coffee, hot chocolate, cider and water. All sale proceeds benefit the Dover Century Club Scholarship and Building Funds.

Fifers Orchards returns to sell their famous cider donuts and cider. (Rain Location: The Old State House)

Located in Lewes, DE, Old World Breads is a wholesale artisan bread bakery baking handmade bread step in old world tradition. They will have breads and sweets for sale. (Rain Location: Golden Fleece Tavern)

Visit the parking lot of the Biggs Museum to check out the food truck food court around the circle!

Colonial Beer Brewing

Beer Brewer Beer brewing has deep roots in Delaware. Join environmental educator and primitive skills specialist Jeff Moore to learn why early colonists brewed beer for everyday consumption, and get hands on experience crafting beer using early primitive techniques.

Knightingales & Gilson Glass Blowers

Knightingale Lisa Lambert and Phil Gilson specialize in creating authentic 18th century items. For sale they will be offering handmade Colonial freeblown and molded glass, hand sewn clothing, leather goods, goatmilk soaps, bone and horn buttons, sewing implements, balms and dipped candles (Rain location: Dover Century Club)


Printmaker explains how a printing plate is etched and demonstrates printing an intaglio plate on an on-site press. Printing plates are on display and prints are available for sale. The printmaker’s assistant guides children with a hand’s on demonstration of how to print using block letters and demonstration of other eighteen century writing implements. (Rain location: Dover Century Club)

Colonial Candle Reflectors

Button Making Historic Preservation Consultant Catherine Adams Masek will lead children through an activity that uses natural objects to help reflect the light from a candle just like they did in the 18th century. (Rain location: The Old State House)

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