Tri-Valley Trail Construction Info

at White Clay Creek State Park


Combined with other trails, the Tri-Valley Trail is part of an 18-mile Greater Newark regional trail network. The Division of Parks and Recreation is filling the trail system gap by constructing 2.8 miles of trail in the Possum Hill Area at White Clay Creek State Park. Other existing segments of the Tri-Valley Trail are located in New Castle County and Newark parks.

The parking lots on Smithmill and Nine Foot Roads opened for parking on July 4th. ALL trails are open for the public. When biking in the area of the Tri-Valley Trail, Delaware State Parks asks that you please remain on the asphalt, as construction will continue until its completion this September. We ask that trail users continue to monitor social media outlets to stay abreast of future potential trail closures.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy the new trails!

For more information, view the documents at the links below, or call the White Clay Creek State Park office at (302) 368-6900.


Map showing general construction area at the park
Map showing Tri-Valley Trail, Phase 1 and 2
Note regarding road widths on this map: the orange section of roadway on the map, at the entrance coming off of Papermill Road, is 24 feet wide because there will be 15 feet of roadway and a 5-foot pedestrian walkway in the parking lot. The blue section on the map is where the lot ends, and the road tapers down to 15 feet wide. The yellow section on the map is the Nine-Foot Road section, and the purple section will be the new 8-foot-wide trail.

Updated 5/12/17

Construction Progress Photos 5/12/17

West Side of Nine Foot Rd is boxed out and ready for fabric and stone.

East side of Nine Foot Rd to the intersection of Papermill and Thompson Station Rd, is stoned and ready for asphalt.

Updated 4/20/17

Construction Progress Photos 4/20/17

Below: New lot at Smithmill Road ready for asphalt

Below: Three views of boxing and grading for the trail around the Nine Foot Road parking lot

Other progress: Smithmill Road from Papermill Road to Nine Foot Road is ready for asphalt, and the old lot on Smithmill Road has been topsoiled. Existing connections from Smithmill Road and Nine Foot Road to Whitely Farms Trail have been removed.

Construction Progress Photos 3/9/17

Below: The bio swale to be located next to the new Possum Hill Parking lot

Below: Picture taken from the Papermill entrance to Smithmill Rd. Shown is the boxing out and stoning of the entrance that was completed on 3/7. The section with the equipment in the background is the process of boxing out the next segment of Smithmill Rd.

Below: The section of Smithmill Rd above the entrance that is getting boxed out and stoned. This section is near the new parking lot and will be where it tapers down to 15 ft., which is the existing roadway.